The Qatar Museums Authority are planning to turn the Doha Fire Station into an artist in residence program that is going to be called Fire Station: Artists in Residence. This program will provide an excellent opportunity for local artists, the academia, the community and the art scene in Qatar to engage with each other. The building will consist of 24 studios and a gallery space for interactions between the exhibition and community.

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Hala Al Khalifa

Another thing that the Fire Station: Artists in Residence is going to offer is a nine-month Artist in Residency Program, this program will be open for Qatari artists and residents of Qatar first and then to regional artists. This residency program will give artists the opportunity to have access to QMA museums, special exhibitions, lectures and access to interact with museum curators.

Head of Artists in the residence program, Hala Al Khalifa joined QMA in 2008 as Head of Art Education at the Museum of Islamic Art. Passionate about art and its role, she strongly believes the positive role that QMA has been achieving in the fields of art and culture. She states regarding the program, “The Doha Fire Station is a building of great importance to the community; it has served the community the past thirty years and will continue to do so through the arts with a new identity as Fire Station: Artists in Residence.  Our goal is to support artists living in Qatar and provide a platform for creative exchange.”

For more information, contact Rania Hussein, Qatar Museums Authority +974 4402-8535, or Shaden Abdellatif, Brunswick Arts +971561748184,


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