A Management Information System student, who sees the sea as his personal escape, Yarob Nabil Bashraheel is a 23 year-old free dive instructor from Saudi Arabia.  With hobbies that include photography and underwater spear fishing, Bashraheel incorporates his hobbies with his free dives, shooting eye-opening spectacular images which he shares with the world through his Instagram account.

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Unlike scuba diving, which relies on the use of oxygen tanks to breathe under water, free diving is a form of diving that relies on the diver’s ability to hold his or her breath until resurfacing. It’s much harder and requires more discipline than conventional diving. In free diving, divers hold their breath for more than two minutes underwater, a feat that according to Bashraheel, requires a thorough understanding of the human body, its capabilities and its limits. As of now, Bashraheel can hold his breath underwater for an amazing 5:26 minutes while static!

The images the impressive diver takes are stunning. He uses a Canon 7D EOS to shoot underwater, and employs the use of GoPro cameras sometimes as well.

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Diving underwater may look like a glamorous and slow activity, but it requires more preparation than expected. Bashraheel and many other free divers do yoga to help reduce stress and negative thoughts, and to relax the muscles. He also exercises frequently doing swimming, stretching, jogging, fitness and breathing exercises to increase his lung capacity.

Bashraheel believes that all these techniques will help divers hold their breath for longer periods, while also being relaxed, which will allow them to dive deeper and discover the underwater world further.

A family affair, diving is very popular in Bashraheel’s family. Both his brothers scuba dive, and after trying it out in 2005, he became hooked.  “It’s another world, I just can’t get enough of it,” explains Bashraheel of his attraction to diving. “Underwater is an unknown world, you don’t know what you’ll see next.”

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All of Bashraheel’s dives and underwater adventures have been in the Red Sea, which is known as one of the world’s best dive locations due to its excellent visibility and the variety of corals prevalent in it.

The fascinating diver documents his adventures on his Instagram account, which is full of impressive imagery and stunning accounts of Saudi Arabia’s underwater wonders.

To follow Yarob's adventures, follow him on www.instagram.com/y3rob

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