After a long day, what would one desire more than a 60-minute massage by the hands of some of the most professional masseurs? That’s exactly what I did at Ten Spa & Salon for Men and what a massage it was! Let me clearly share my experience with you and guys, if you’re not on your way to the spa halfway through this review, you’re making a huge mistake.


Located in Sanabil Tower, Ten seemed like a spa totally in the wrong place situated in empty office buildings but nevertheless, when I pulled back the door and smelled the lavender and ginger tea, I thanked God for what was going to be a remarkable massage and a cure for the neck and foot aches I had that day.


After a warm welcome in the reception, I went in a room to ‘be one with the spa’ and enjoy fantastic ginger tea that had a funky aftertaste after which I chose the treatment I wanted among many others which weren’t expensive at all compared to other spas around. When I met Mr. Anthony Schembri, the person who in about 60 minutes was going to make me feel like a free bird, I was sure that I was going to leaving this spa feeling exactly that.


The massage itself was spectacular. I personally received advice from Mr. Anthony about my posture (which apparently isn’t that good) and learned that you can also get physical advice about your body, muscles, and all the stuff we learned in biology class.

Ten Spa & Salon for Men is located in Sanabil Tower, Mezzanine Two, Sharq. You can contact them at 22924040 or email them at

– Adnan Al-Timimi

Images courtesy of Ten Spa & Salon

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