AbiDoc, a practical service that is designed by doctors in Kuwait, is a platform which allows patients to book their doctor's appointment directly through www.abidoc.com. The platform gives patients the opportunity to quickly connect and book appointments with a variety of doctors. Enabling people to skim through various features which include accurate searches for doctors based on their specialty, location, insurance plan, and more, patients will have more options and have the chance know more about their doctors by reading about their educational background too.

The platform is also beneficial for the doctors as it increases their marketing exposure as well as manages their appointments online whether at home or at the office. It also performs automatic reminders for its patients to reduce cancellations and tardiness along with clinical care by tracking the patients personal and family medical history.

Booking a doctor’s appointment is much easier now, instead of the traditional booking process which can take time, you can book, cancel and even reschedule at any time. Also, an SMS is sent to you reminding you of your doctor’s appointment.

Visit their website www.abidoc.com to book your appointment and search for your doctor.




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