Boloro Tap and Pay is the latest exciting innovation when it comes to payment services in Kuwait. If you are a Viva or Zain Customer, you can use your mobile balance to effortlessly pay for your purchases. All it takes is a sticker that you present at the point of sale, confirm the transaction by replying to an SMS and you're done.

Using this new system is easy and convenient, all you need is your mobile phone and a sticker. Since the sticker uses NFC technology, it does not require Internet access. By simply tapping your phone at the retailer, the transaction will take place directly from your mobile phone.

So how do you get started? To enjoy the Boloro service, all you have to do is get a Boloro sticker from your mobile network operator or participating merchants Second Cup and Coffee Republic. Then you SMS the 16-digit code to 281, once it's activated you will receive a 4 digit security pin that you'll be using for your Boloro transactions.

Boloro is available  at several retailers throughout Kuwait which include KPTC and CityBus, in which customers can you use it to ride the bus. Also you can currently use it at Second Cup and Coffee Republic for now. With an increasing retail base, it's exciting to see how a mobile phone will become an instant replacement for cash and credit cards.

For more information on Boloro and how to use it, visit or

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