Serving the finest steaks and famous for its quality of food, The Meat Co. Kuwait is known to be every diners carnivorous treat.  Located in 360 Mall's Gardens Zone, the space is decorated with vibrant colors and the theme is inspired by the restaurant's African heritage.  The Meat Co. serves A-grade cuts of excellent beef quality. Every steak served is grilled to perfection, ensuring a tender and juicy piece. Steak lovers will be overwhelmed with the choices that are available, in addition to all the steaks, the menu options do not stop there. There is a variety of seafood and chicken options available for people who want other dishes and the variety of the menu is bound to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will instantly feel that you entered into a different zone, what with the red and brown colors of the space. The African elements in the space gives you a sense of adventure and a feeling of excitement. The kitchen area, which is set in the middle of the restaurant, adds an interactive feel to the space as customers would have the opportunity to be part of the cooking process, or as we can say a theatre experience. As for the seating experience, several options are available depending on the customer’s preference and mood, booths are available for whoever wants a sense of privacy while dining. On the other hand, circular and square tables are available in the middle of the restaurants for those wanting a livelier experience. The ambiance, food quality and a wide menu variety, The Meat Co. has something for everyone.

The Meat Co. is located on the Mezanine level in 360 Mall, Kuwait.




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