Seeing her after quite sometime felt strange. I really wanted to know where she was in life after we departed ways and I must say she was as spectacular as the first day I saw her. Seeing Captain, F2, Critic, Princess, and not to forget X-Grande Latte was great but seeing The Mistress was even greater.

Welcome to the second edition of The Mistress and I named it Homecoming because that's exactly how it felt. Coming home to a place where I spent a great time at felt amazing. Of course I couldn't fully tell the divas how I've missed each one of them because she was on my mind the whole time. I spent most of my time with her which I could made the divas a little jealous but what could I do? To defend myself, she was staring right back at me back the whole time.

Ok, let's talk about the divas. Captain was her usual busy self finishing the latest issue, F2 was freaking out at moving offices, I got the rare chance of seeing Princess, X-Grande Latte made a couple appearances at the office and seeing Critic is always a pleasure. Even though there were five divas sitting right in front, my mind was always with her. Call me a jerk for leaving her in the first place and expecting a homecoming welcome when visiting but really, I had to visit. Right now, I'm with the obnoxious one writing this using an unusual, crappy laptop that has a tiny, little flashlight on the top. I got to leave her and go see her three times this week. I was glad to know that when I saw her, she was sitting there waiting, waiting for me to get comfortable and reminisce about the past and what we had together. Unfortunately, the reminiscing had to be cut short because I had to go back to headaches, disagreements, and a harsh exchange of views. Why couldn't I do that with her? 

I may be being a little too dramatic about The Mistress and why is she called a mistress anyways if she's all I think about and see her more than the cynical folks I see everyday? Maybe I'll have the answer to that after this column ends one day but right now, let me tell you more about The Mistress because she can be really moody and by moody, I mean she can be loving, hating, and lifeless all in a matter of minutes. When seeing her was a daily routine, I always thought that maybe one day it wouldn't work out the way I wished it would in my head but even though there were stressful times, it did work out just the way I wanted. Never knew I'd be writing about how hard it is to see her.

So here I am, writing this column all about The Mistress who I left in the first place. It's like wanting one of your kidneys back after donating it. I can't help it, I'm finishing this entry, getting my things and heading down to The Mistress. Wish me luck.

Adnan Al-Timimi a.k.a Man Outnumbered is in a dilemma. Having a mistress can be risky but visiting her is an absolute delight. Follow his column to know more about his adventures with The Mistress.

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