TheMistress2Being held captive in an environment filled with negative and cranky individuals away from her is devastating. Even though her sight is a window stare away, her absence is felt every day. I do get the rare chance of seeing her almost once every week or two if I’m lucky. Not being with her is like being stranded in a desert, far away from any water supply. When I do find that water though, I feel revived. Being around her is the best thing that could happen in my day and thus, I am sharing with you the troubles, dilemmas, and situations involving The Mistress.

Let me tell you a little about The Mistress without giving away too much. She, unlike any other mistress I may have had in the past, is the most stunning creation on God’s green earth. Leaving her was like leaving your family to serve for your country’s army. After almost two years, I said goodbye, goodbye to the one thing I had that left me leaving feeling I can fly. The plan now is to escape this prison, get a chance to see her, and when or if I even get a chance, I will grab it like it’s tug-of-war.

So the last time I saw her was last week and the moment I saw her was like a new-born meeting this mama for the first time. Escaping where I was about 5 minutes ago was the most relaxing feeling one can experience. There she was, working, getting tasks done, drinking her coffee, and looking out the window like I was before I arrived. I couldn't stay long as I was called for duty. She is my mistress and technically speaking, there shouldn’t even be a mistress but there is.

Seeing The Mistress was the most encouraging thing I did all week. I get to see her twice and maybe three times if I get a chance during the week. I get mixed feelings whenever I see her, mainly because I left her 90 days, 6 hours, 8 minutes, and a couple of seconds ago. I know all of you are now saying, “how did he leave her but is now his mistress?” Well let me explain. It was time to leave her but then after being surrounded by loud and obnoxious people, I wanted to come back.

This is just the beginning of my tales so stay tuned for more on about The Mistress.

Adnan Al-Timimi a.k.a Man Outnumbered is in a dilemma. Having a mistress can be risky but visiting her is an absolute delight. Follow his column to know more about his adventures with The Mistress.

Illustration by Aysha Al-Houli

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