One of the emerging artists from the Gulf area to certainly look out for is Bahrain’s Hasan Hujairi. A sound artist and experimental musician, Hassan Hujairi's works are influenced by his interest in material culture, the relationship between time and space, and the idea of marrying musicality with sound. He considers himself to be an independent researcher, which has a clear influence on his ‘post-esoteric oriental art music manifesto;’ his academic background includes pursuing a PhD in Ethnomusicology at the University of Exeter.

Throughout his creative works, Hujairi makes use of surprising approaches (and some unusual instruments and tools!). His arsenal includes field recording, granular synthesis, electric oud, analogue drum machines, handmade microphones, circuit bent Casio keyboards, and on occasion, a triangle. Hujairi has performed his works in cities such as New York, Tokyo, London, Glasgow, Amsterdam, and Beirut, and has self-released much of his music online.

For more information on Hasan Hujairi, check out his website.
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