The year 2013 was filled with funny videos (mostly about cats), political videos, videos about wrecking balls, and the sound foxes make. Every year, we, the viewers, waste so much of our time making viewership on YouTube greater everyday. Without us, 'Gangnam Style' would just be called 'the most annoying song ever' and Miley Cyrus would still be Hannah Montana. What I"m trying to say is we must thank ourselves for the effort and time we put in everyday so make the silliest of videos go viral in a matter of days. Here's our top 5 Youtube videos of the year:

What Does The Fox Say

I don't know how or why this is being played on the radio.

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

Hannah Montana gone wild! Who knew that the innocent Disney star with the most annoying voice turns out to be the world's "breakout" star in 2013?

Harlem Shake

Another song that shouldn't be played on the radio. Glad they stopped but what a hit it was!

How Animals Eat Their Food

My favorite from the list. Strange, meaningless, and hilarious all at once.

PSY – Gentleman

Isn't as big as hit as Gangnam Style but still has a sick beat and really absurd lyrics.

– Adnan Al-Timimi

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