When I said this series was not going to be filled with luxury, overpriced super-cars, I lied. Why would I post about a four-door family car unless it's the Aston Martin Rapide or Bentley Flying Spur? This week, it's all about arguably the sublime, sophisticated, and sexiest Aston Martin ever made, the One-77. Pretty as a peach, the One-77 does have a price tag that tears you apart so how about we skip that and move on to some less depressing news? Like the exterior, for example.



There is absolutely nothing wrong with the outer shell of this sparkling jewel. Front to back, side to side, and there is not one thing I'd change. A full carbon fibre chasis, handmade aluminium body, and a monstrous 7.3L V12 engine that rips out 750 hp and makes it go from 0-100 km/h in under 3.7 secs. The One-77 was revealed to the world in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show and because of its name, production is limited to only 77 so if you have £1,150,000 to spend, you better hope there are more left or you'll have to do what I did and just buy the video game. The interior is as impressive even thought little has been changed from the previous Aston Martins. Every little detail makes the interior as delicate as a newborn baby.

The top speed is about 320 km/h which doesn't make it a clear contender to even the top 40 fastest cars in the world but with looks as stunning as a newly built sky-scraper in Dubai, the Aston Martin One-77 certainly makes it well into my books.

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– Adnan Al-Timimi

Images: Aston Martin

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