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From coffee sleeves to a torn out piece of white paper, once again, the talented young artist Ahmed Al Emairi surprises us with another Instagram series of his sketches. After the success of  "The Paper Cup Sleeves Series" and his Instagram followers reactions towards it, Al Emairi decided to experiment with other forms of sketching. Inspired by the visual artist Ben Heine and his #pencilvscamera series on Instagram, ScapeSketch is the title of his latest one; in this series he basically takes a picture of buildings and monuments around Kuwait and sketches part of it on a piece of paper that would fit exactly within the design when placed against it. After conducting an exact sketch of the monument, he would hold the piece of paper and capture it from an angle that would make the sketch look as if it was part of the monument. The simplicity of the idea is what makes it unique.

For more of AlEmairi's sketches, visit his Instagram account @emairi


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– Fajer Al Farsi

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