The Scrub Shop, a concept that was started by two friends Shaima Behbehani and Dr.Yousef Al-Muhanna,  launched in March 2013. The Scrub Shop is an retail space that specializes in selling medical apparel and accessories for all healthcare professionals in Kuwait. With Halo Scrubs as their main product,  in addition to different colored scrubs,  The Scrub Shop offers a variety of accessories, footwear, casual wear, gifts and medical-themed products.

With a mission to provide comfortable scrubs that look good and are professional, The Scrub Shop owners,  Shaima Behbehani and Dr.Yousef Al-Muhanna worked hard to prefect the concept of selling medical equipment in a modern and appealing way. In addition to managing the shop and business, they work as sales people in the shop as they "value the direct interaction" with their visitors.



The Scrub Shop is located at Al-Ghawalli Mall, in Sharq. For more information click here. 

-Fajer Al Farsi

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