7 ways to kickstart your day

Starting your day with a smile is the perfect beginning. Keeping it on your face throughout the day is what's difficult. It doesn't matter if you're a student, doctor, lawyer, stay-at-home parents, or even an undertaker. What I'm about to share will guarantee a splendid day. Most of it you could say is common sense but one or two of the points are quite incredible when put into action.  This is no boring medical report. I am no certified psychologist or therapist but with the way I start my day, I thought I'd share my secrets. Let's start from the beginning. .

1. If you use an alarm to wake up, have the alarm tone "Circle of Life" from The Lion King because there is absolutely no way more majestic to wake up. If you don't use an alarm, then opening this link on your phone is just as awesome.

2. After doing your business in the bathroom and are going back in your bedroom to change, put on some music. I suggest anything from Motown and Michael Jackson to Bruno Mars (Treasure) and Beyonce (Love on Top). Any song that gets you grooving will get you moving throughout the day. Your exercise of the day, ladies and gents.

3. The B-word. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day", said our moms endlessly and frankly, they were right. I have a banana, a cup of joe, and a sandwich BUT if you're in a hurry, pick up two banana's from the fruit bowl and head on to work. When I have mine, I feel a ready as a runner for a marathon.

4. With clothes, experiment. I don't want to sound like the Fashion Police but when I mix and match, I get that feeling inside where I just wanna skip and whistle to some Frank Sinatra. Try it.

5. When driving to your destination, crank the volume and just go with the same type of music mentioned above. Don't put any breakup songs, Whitney Houston, or anything you'd hear on a 90s rom-com. Earth, Wind, and Fire, Jackson 5, Empire of the Sun all have great music to get the blood moving to your head. Don't be afraid to sing along or even dance. I've done it many times and it only makes the drive more fun and the traffic less irritating.

6. Number 6 could be the most important. When you reach your destination, clear your throat because you're gonna start whistling to the last song you heard in your car which should be "September" by Earth, Wind, and Fire. The music I chose is inspired by Ellen Degeneres' dancing segment so if you watch her show, you'll know that I'm talking about.

7. Repeat 1-6. Oh and don't forget, you can do almost all of these steps. Except #4 and #5 depending on where you work.

– Featured image: Zvone Lavric

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