Mercedes never disappoint. Wait, let me rephrase that. German automakers never disappoint. They have always had a line of successful cars since the beginning of time and when Mercedes unveiled the SLS AMG back in 2009 at The Frankfurt Motor Show, no one knew that this Italian looking, German driving, and American sounding creation would rival the likes of Ferrari on the top speed charts. That is why this week’s Car of the Moment is the Mercedes SLS AMG.

To describe this car correctly, you’d have to use words like powerful, fierce, and absolute show off. I mean, look at how its doors open up like an angel’s wings and how it reaches a top speed of 317 km/h. This piece of German gadgetry is phenomenal and not only because it combines the looks, the drive, and the exhaust soundtrack from three different auto-making countries but on the road, it earns its respect and admiration like The Queen would if she was walking around in your neighborhood. With a growling 6.2L V8 engine worth 622 horses, The Mercedes SLS AMG deserves the right to be the first entry in this series. Mercedes called it “one step closer to heaven” but I think we’re already there. Oh, there’s a roadster version of the SLS as well as an electric. Mercedes, we thank you.

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Ladies and gents, car enthusiasts around the world, give it up to the Mercedes SLS AMG (I could say that forever)





Images: Mercedes-Benz

– Adnan Al-Timimi

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