Adnan (1)This week may have been the most awkward one of all. No offense to F2, I did enjoy her company, her humming of different Michael Jackson songs, but the fact that it was only her and I and that the silence in the office was more evident than in a library, I had to try hard not to fall asleep and get some work done.

Good afternoon my caterpillars and welcome to this weeks edition of Man Outnumbered which is all dedicated to F2. Captain is enjoying a holiday after all the stress of the issue, you could say the same about X-Grade Latte, Critic is probably at the printing press or on her usual ‘leave of absence’ where she later on surprises us with visits during the end of the next issue, and so F2 was my only colleague this week (and our neighbors who don’t like sharing their wi-fi) It was a week filled with sudden laughs, weird noises, and many invitations so I want to thank all those who sent them in (especially the Halloween one)

So let’s talk about what really went on in the office. Sunday I arrived around 10:30 where no one showed up until 11 when F2 walked in. We didn’t think it was going to be the only the two of us for the day but we did get through it. We finished work, criticized each others articles, and came up with an interesting question of the week so we though we should reward ourselves by leaving early, so we did.

When it’s quiet in the office, you tend to fall asleep, right? Writing this made me think: why didn’t I bring in a sleeping bag and sleep under the desk or have a compartment like George Costanza in Seinfeld. It was good because no one was around (no offense F2) and usually Captain sits right in front me and she wasn’t there so falling asleep wasn’t as hazardous as it usually is.

This piece may be shorter than the usual ones because of the lack of interesting things that happen during the week. I usually have notes but this time the only note I have written is ‘quiet, nothing went on, falling asleep, nothing new’ which doesn’t really help. Right now as I’m writing, I’m thinking what a great shirt I have on but I’m also thinking on how slow this week went, how little work we had to do but most importantly, this week has been one of the most relaxing working weeks in my life. Coffee tasted good throughout the week, there was good music on the radio (I didn’t have an AUX wire then) and so I can finish off the week with a smile on my rather big head (I lost more weight so my head looks incorrectly proportioned with my body)

Have you guys ever had a day where your supervisor/boss wasn’t there? Did you guys have the urge to go nuts and have fun? What did you guys do? This weeks video is all about that so if you check out our Instagram, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Have a great weekend my caterpillars as we are still waiting for winter.

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory. 

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