Corporate Banker Ahmed AlEmairi developed "The Paper Cup Sleeves" series of sketching random well-known characters on "Lady Starbucks". The 26 year old who graduated from the American University of Kuwait have been working on 3D modeling programs recently. Since sketching is an important step before modeling any design, he decided to revive one of his oldest hobbies and started sketching again.

The whole series started with a pen in his hand staring at his coffee cup while at work, his first sketch was "Lady Starbucks" wearing the traditional "abaya". After posting it on his Instagram account, he got a lot of positive feedback from his friends and family, he slowly started posting more of them and his followers kept wanting to see more. AlEmairi decided to create his own series and started posting 3-4 sketches a week of local and international figures with the hashtag #starbucksism below each post. The creative sketches are fun to look at, especially since they're not labeled, you have to figure out who the character is.

For more of AlEmairi's sketches, visit his Instagram account @emairi

Jack Sparrow Darth Vader James Bond MJ Om Kalthom Steve Jobs

– Fajer Al Farsi

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