Adnan (1)We appreciated your answers and involvement to this weeks question. We never thought so much of you have so much you'd want to change. Ok, we're joking. We knew exactly what you guys would change, it's too obvious. Some of you may have taken it a little further with the choice of words and exact topic but what the hey, we all enjoyed it at the office so keep 'em coming!

Good afternoon my specimens and welcome to this special edition of Man Outnumbered. Why special, you ask? Well let me tell you. It's #40. That's right. Forty weeks of me blabbing about what goes on in the office, all the awkward situations that occur, and all the creative nickname I give you guys. Thank you for making this a rewarding experience for me and I thank you again because that's what celebrities do at the end of receiving an award.

How about we talk about the 'Q of the Week'? What went on there man? So many hatred towards the society and I know most of you share the same opinion and feelings but wow did you mess up your Sunday! No I'm kidding, we were just surprised by one or two of you who answered so brutally and so heart-spillingly (new word I'm trying out). The more the merrier I guess.

I have a surprise for you specimens. No, it's not a new intern (who I'm still waiting for since that video of mine on Instagram) nor is it a really creative invitation from a new restaurant. I bought a book. Yes, a book. Not a David Beckham biography or a book on dieting. It's a psychology book, one of those self-help books (not that I need it, the synopsis seemed really interesting) and I was in the airport picking up family and the flight was delayed so to make time fly, I bought this book. The divas were really surprised and impressed (no they weren't, they didn't really care) about my taste in literature but to me, it's like reading my first ever 'book', literally.

So the weather doesn't seem like it wants to cool down. It is October and in most parts of the world, they're wearing jackets, scarves, and boots. Oh wait, they're doing that here as well. The divas are still dressed properly according to weather, which I appreciate. Right now, I'm feeling kind of chilly wearing a shirt that fits so well on my now fit and slim shape. Was that too much?

Right now most (if not all) of us are stressed, sleep deprived, and so lazy and lethargic to work. Well ok, may not. Captain is always working, Critic is talking to herself a lot which means she's working too, and X-Grande Latte is too busy to think about Sophie (yeah right) and is busy with all the editing. So I guess it's only me then. F2, are you with me? Too much is going on now so once the issue is set, done, and ready to be printed (which should be any minute now) we can relax, have our traditional celebratory dinner while crying inside about the next issue.

Twelve more weeks and the column grows a year old. It feels like yesterday when we decided I should share my fascinating office life with you, my specimens. We should celebrate. Bring me vanilla latte's and you shall get all the stories and secrets of the office.

I'm thinking of a number between one and ten, what is it?

See you next week my specimens and have a nice (hopefully cold) weekend!

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory. 

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