Every fall, we are introduced to new TV shows, some that end after the 'pilot' episode and other ones that are Emmy deserving (depends which network, really) TV shows about a father and a daughter working at the same company, a series about super heroes (we all waited for a 'Heroes 2'), more complicated and perplexing shows about politics, a show about a women's prison, and then there's Sean Hayes. So many shows to look forward to but we can't leave out the favorites like 'Modern Family' and 'Grey's Anatomy'. So here you are, our Top 10 TV Shows this fall.

The Blacklist

A criminal mastermind helps the FBI catch criminal individuals on 'The Blacklist'. The most interesting show from the lot, in my opinion.


Sean Hayes Saves The World

Sean Hayes is hilarious person. Since his time on 'Will & Grace' during the late 90s, he has been one of the funniest funny men in Hollywood so imagine a whole show with him the star.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This one's new. A TV show about cops with a comedic twist with it. Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher star.



Christy is a single, now sober mom who tries who get back on her feet. The hilarious Anna Faris stars.


The Crazy Ones

Ever since Mork and Mindy, Robin Williams has never really had a starring role in a hit-tv show. Maybe he will with this one along side a certain 'vampire slayer'.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Who can say no to a TV show about super heroes? From Marvel, this TV show brings back Agent Coulson (who apparently didn't die in The Avengers) and gifted individuals who stumble across difficult missions across the world.


The Originals

Another TV show about vampires. I have no idea how these get popular and ratings like 7.5 on IMDb.


The Tomorrow People

Young people from around the world who possess special powers. What's with all the sudden 'saving the world' TV shows?


Sleepy Hollow

Resurrection of Ichabond Crane 250 years back to face his forefathers. Nothing I'd like to do myself. The most talked about show in the list.



A 'Game of Thrones' type of show with kingdoms, queens, and kings. From the days of Queen Mary (whoever she is), brings you Reign.

– Adnan A-Timimi

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