Picture2 copyBefore stating all the facts about Aiesec and how Kuwait became a part of it. It’s important to take a moment and learn how to pronounce it. It is i-zeck, not a-sec or ezik (it’s a French acronym).

After more than 60 years of its establishment, this not-for-profit, independent, non-political organization that is spread across over 124 countries has finally launched a branch in Kuwait. Students or recent graduates run Aiesec, making it the largest student run organization in the world with more than 86,000 members. Its main goal is to offer a place for young adults to have a positive impact on their society and gain leadership skills and experience.

Aiesec Kuwait started in August with 14 members currently involved and lead by President Mahmood Mirza from Bahrain. It’s a tight group with meetings several times a week. Right now they’re looking at sending students or graduates, ages 18-30 to different countries around the world to experience the global development program offered at Aiesec Kuwait. The program is generally 6-8 weeks, and the best part is that you have the choice to go with up to 5 friends or on your own. Going on this program will not be like traveling like the tourist,  it’s more of learning about the culture and experiencing the country from the local’s point of view. The Aiesecer (what you would be called if you join) will be working on an Aiesec project selected prior travelling to the chosen country. By the end of your stay, you would have worked on that project, gained global contacts and had the experience of a lifetime.

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