RunQ8 is a 10 kilometer charity run that is hosted by Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute and Agility. The yearly charity run adopts a different health issue each year where they aim to raise awareness and support amongst the local community.

In the past years, many causes were successfully supported that were relevant to the community. The causes were prevention of blindness and the Early Childhood Road Safety Program in Kuwait. This year's run will be raising funds for a very important cause which is meant for children who need the greatest rehabilitative care. It is basically for children who have limited resources and can't afford to undergo the proper medical treatment. RunQ8 believes that no child should be left behind due to lack of financial support or quality medical care, and through this endeavor, we can guarantee that children get equal opportunities to live a better and healthier life.

By joining this 10K charity run, you will take part in improving the children's rehabilitative care in Kuwait, spread the word and join the run!

The race will take place on the 30th of November 2013 at 8am in Marina Crescent, Marina Mall.

To register, visit

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