Adnan (1)Well, not 'winter' winter. It is getting chilly by the day (which we all love *knocks on wood*) and if we could, we'd sit outside on the grass and work and by we, I mean me. In this amazing weather *knocks on wood*, people should be driving with the windows down, sitting in front of a fire place (if you don't have one, a space heater is as warming and cosy), thick socks, sweatpants and everything wintery. But exactly how much of that can we do at the office? I would really like a fire place but after discovering that the office doesn't have smoke detector alarms, a space heater would be less dangerous.

Good morning my snowflakes. I hope all of you are enjoying the weather as much as my sweatpants are. What I don't like is that people have been stocking up on winter clothes since July and when I step out of the office from now, I'm sure I'll be seeing boots, vests, hoodies, ear muffs, cashmere scarves, mittens, turtlenecks (we all used to wear them, ok?) and some people may even wear two of each. I'm happy the divas don't do all that.

X-Grande Latte is in the phase again. The phase where getting the issue done means more than having a loving family in the future, more than a nobel prize, and possibly mean more than getting up in the morning. Her editing is on fire, sometimes literally. The issue should be in the printing press sooner than X-Grande's next latte. Critic has also started on the layout even before we started writing for the issue.

This week passed by quickly and I don't know if it was the weather, the work we did, the fact that we're all in a hurry to finish the issue (reasons being it will be the best issue yet), or it could be that we're all scared of X-Grande Latte having a breakdown. Lucky for her, we'll be celebrating her birthday tomorrow (even though her real birthday is something like next week and she even compared herself with an old dictator who used have a week's celebration for his birthday) and to help us, she told us what kind cake she wanted and after last week's fail of blowing out the candles, I won't be getting candles this time.

My birthday is coming up in less than a month. Should I tell the divas what kind of cake I want or should I just wait for the surprise? How about if they don't surprise me? Maybe none of them know when my birthday is? Should I tell them? If they do know, will they bring me Victoria Beckham?

So the issue should be done any minute now. If I had a fils for every time I said that.. A lot of hard work and dedication has been put into this issue so I expect all of you snowflakes to buy the issue when it's out. Trust me, you do not want to miss this one. The cover itself is by far the most creative and unique cover (after The Travel Issue) and the content features some of the most exciting individuals in the Gulf.

So that's all for now. Please girls, do not scare the the nice weather away with your uggs, hoodies, boots, and all that and guys.. please don't scare the the nice weather away with your uggs, hoodies, boots, and all that.

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory. 

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