A proper healthy detox diet is what everyone needs at a certain point, you can start with a week long detox diet and if you felt great you can stretch it out to three weeks for more benefits. According to the article by Mandy Francis published in the Daily Mail online titled The Painless Detox Diet, you should start by eliminating the negatives from your diet plan. The negatives include wheat and dairy, by removing these two, which are common food allergens, you will get rid off the feeling of being bloated and fatigued. Another thing you should eliminate is red meat since it's hard to digest and contains salt. Refined carbohydrates, saturated fats and additives are other things you should stay away from too. As for the drinks, you should make sure that you eliminate tea and coffee and all the fizzy drinks and focus on drinking lots of water and herbal teas.

In order to accomplish this diet, you should plan ahead for all three meals, along with your snacks. A suggested menu for breakfast would include something like porridge, a poached egg, soya yoghurt and gluten-free muesli. As for lunch a potato salad with french dressing or a pasta salad using non-wheat pasta would be ideal. Dinner can be something like a grilled fish or a grilled chicken breast, steamed vegetables with brown rice or a bean/lentil stew with brown rice. The snacks between the main meals can be fruits, raw vegetables, raw nuts and seeds without salt or coatings.

To increase the detox benefits, there are several detox boosters that you can include in your diet, for example, a glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon to clean your system and two pieces of fruit that you can have mid-morning.You will definitely feel the difference after going through a detox diet, the increase of energy levels, the disappearance of the bloated stomach and a decrease in all your digestive problems.

– Fajer Al Farsi


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