Adnan (1)In the past, whenever there was a birthday celebration in the office, coincidentally I was either out of the country or had something to do that day. Seeing our Instagram account filled with cakes, balloons, and blowing out candles smashed my heart into pieces. But not anymore. This week WE celebrated two birthdays: Captain's and Critic's. Happy birthday to both of you and Critic, we apologize on behalf of the cake people who do not know how to deliver something on time. We made him deliver it to your house as a 'punishment' so we hope you enjoyed it with your loved ones!

Good morning my tarts. We did enjoy celebrating occasions but every time we think about those emails, deadlines, and cover issues, we melt down and go back to reality. X-Grande Latte is having meltdowns, heartbreaks, and all the road rage and car problems aren't helping. Although we're a team, we tend to leave Latte alone during these times just because it will be the best decision we take ever. Hulk-Grande Latte?

Speaking about Latte's, our usual coffee house was shut down on Sunday and we couldn't have coffee and to make it worse, it was a SUNDAY! This means I didn't have enough sleep, I was probably busy out late all night, but the fact that I couldn't have coffee automatically meant I could leave the office earlier. I guess my coffee addiction of a vanilla latte in the morning, Turkish coffee when I get home, and a couple of Frenchies later that night seems pretty extreme but who can say no to coffee? It's like saying no to your mom who's hanging on a cliff with one hand.

We have many interesting conversations during the week (mostly girly) but this week in some incredibly odd way, we talked about sports. SPORTS! I forgot how it started but it was one of the best 19 minutes I had in the office. We talked about football, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, and even boring sports like cricket and golf! It turns out all of them are athletic, competitive (mostly F2 which isn't surprising) and Captain claims she will kick butt in baseball while F2 claims she'll kick butt at everything! Critic is also competitive so seeing all three of them clash will be interesting.

We're still waiting for the weather to improve so when we get to the office, we're not bright red even though we took the elevator (or is that just me?) I want to have that feeling when your skin is ice-cold and just when you enter the building, you're all warmed up. What's missing is some hot chocolate with marshmallows, and a knitted sweater from grandma. Winter is coming.

So that's all what happened this week. Birthday celebrations, no coffee, and mental meltdowns (is that even a thing?). We wish you all a happy October and hopefully we get winter before next summer.

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory. 

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