Whenever you step into a store you really love but have to go through the trouble every time of trying shirt after shirt, pants after pants, and end up leaving the fitting room looking like you escaped an earthquake, it isn't a nice scene. Trying on accessories can also be a hassle, finding that perfect outfit for a night out. A company based in Calabasas, California, has created a revolutionary solution to the troubles of trying on clothes. Introducing FaceCake and their cutting edge innovation, Swivel.

FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc., is a leader in creating groundbreaking marketing solutions. Having already created Swivel Close-Up, virtual technology that allows women to apply make-up without actually 'applying the make-up', they now went an extra step and creating to what will be the future of fashion. Swivel allows you to try on clothes virtually using the Kinect software technology from Microsoft's Xbox. Using motion sensing technology, shoppers can pick from a variety of clothes and accessories and are automatically fitted on you. Instead of trying on every single piece of clothing from the shelves, you can now choose from Swivel and there's even the option of having Swivel in your home!

FaceCake has created a truly magnificent solution to trying on clothes at a store with Swivel. Visit www.facecake.com/swivel for more information on this amazing technology.

Watch the video below to learn more about Swivel!

– Adnan Al-Timimi

Featured Image: www.facecake.com/swivel

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