Adnan (1)This week started out with almost a full house in the office and slowly by the end of the week, divas disappeared but I'm sure it was to go tan on the beach whilst the sunny hot weather lasts but it was to finish up to what has been a very stressful issue, mostly to X-Grande Latte who did make an appearance at the office and had one or two interesting stories. However, Princess told the most interesting stories ever in the office so it was a day of gossip and girly talk *sigh*. It was a good week though, I did get work done, and we're still feeling that wintery vibe and it could be because we've switched from burned coffee to vanilla latte's that we're feeling how we're feeling. Oh and yesterday, I couldn't find my car in parking (*couldn't remember) I went from ground floor, to first, to second, back to first like a lost baby looking for its mommy. I think I'm getting old…

Good afternoon my skittles. This week has been a little weird. For a long time, it was only Captain and I along with our 'neighbors' who by the way are still walking in and out of our space, hanging out in our kitchen, using the bathroom every 7 minutes (I timed it), and the lobby music? Still on. I just hope one day their section of the floor gets attacked by termites like we were a while back and they have no solution but to leave because we won't be inviting anyone in our space, except you people who are considering interning at Khaleejesque. We're a lovely and welcoming staff, really.

Critic is down with the flu but I have to give her credit for coming to work on Sunday and even though I was sitting in her seat which meant I had to give it up to her, she was sick so it wasn't as bad and when you're sick, you really want things your way and I didn't feel like making a fuss with a sick Critic. She did however, have a weird voice and she could be faking it and faking the whole sickness but she was doing a good job anyways. Her cousin's daughter is the most adorable kid ever!

So the internet was being naughty this week and I don't mean opening 18+ material. It wasn't opening anything at all. It was slow at first which still means I can open my beloved Yahoo!.com but then it went down. Was it because I was downloading a lot and our internet provider realized it or is it because our neighbors did something to the connection to push us away further? Whatever happened, I hope it un-happens soon because using the hotspot connection on my phone is not efficient. I honestly felt that having slow internet made me depressed and gain weight in the 5 hours I spent that day.

So let's recap what happened this week. Invasion of privacy, stressful issue (no surprise there), hard work being done (because it was only Captain and I during the week) and because people (our neighbors) are walking in and out like it's a shopping mall. A positive thing that I absolutely love is the vanilla latte we're having with this wintery vibe in the office. Sooner or later, we'll have a fire place, blankets, and rom-coms.

Take care my skittles, have a lovely and safe weekend!

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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