The Meat Company

In a city like Dubai, we are always spoilt for choices when it comes to dining out.  As much as we love exploring new options, sometimes it is safer to return back to an old favorite instead.  The Meat Co is one of Dubai’s more well reputed and established steakhouses.

As we walked into the restaurant, the atmosphere was inviting – mosaic on the walls and furniture with rich textures and prints balanced with the muted lighting make it the ideal mix of ethnic with contemporary. We were led to our outdoor table overlooking the Burj Khalifa and the Dancing Fountain; there are few places in the world that could compete with such a view.

We started with the Mezza Platter for two, a mix of perfectly grilled calamari, tasty beef skewers, well-seasoned prawn in a peri-peri sauce and a delectable mushroom and rib meat vol-au-vent.  The medley of meat and seafood was a good way to initiate us into the completely carnivorous main course.

The Meat Company

On recommendation of the waiter, we ordered the Australian Angus Rib-Eye, cooked medium and with a side of garlic Bearnaise sauce and french fries. The meat was juicy and wholesome and that rich velvety sauce gave it just that extra edge.

The second order was the USA Black Angus, cooked medium and accompanied with a peri-peri barbeque sauce and mashed potatoes. The juices perfectly sealed and the silky texture of the meat with the creamy mashed potatoes and sharp sauce was definitely a winner.

Once finished with our mains we could finally sit back and enjoy the music from the fountains.  Soaking in the electric atmosphere we were in no rush to leave and despite drooling over the dessert menu, we ordered the Meat & Co Tasting Platter.

The bite sized sweet treats included a light and airy chocolate mousse, creamy and decadent profiterole and hot banana bread offset with a scoop of ice cream. The dessert was luxurious and just the right way to end a great meal full of a medley of flavors.

The Meat Co has everything going for it with efficient staff, good ambiance and top quality food. It is no wonder that this old haunt has been able to retain its glory despite all the competition.

The Meat Co is located in Souk al Bahar, Old Town, Dubai; and at Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai. Tel: +9714 368 6040

– Saira Malik

Images courtesy of The Meat Co

The Meat Company

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