Monstars Workshop

If you're interested in learning the tools and techniques of illustration design – and if you happen to love graffiti and murals – then this workshop is for you! Brought to you by YourAOK and artist Mohammed AbuHakmeh, the workshop is for those who like art with an edge.

Workshop Description: Learn the art of illustration’s tool & techniques by Mohammed AbuHakmeh. This workshop is highly collaborative where you will learn the techniques of drawing & illustration on a small scale, how to then transform your works on a much larger scale (the side of a building!), and finally applying your illustrations and art works to a large scale board. The workshop will end with students choosing a wall to tag in Kuwait, and applying some of their latest masterpieces to it.

About the Instructor: With over 17 years of experience, Mohammed AbuHakmeh is the founder of RPS & Monstariam ( His works are currently all over Kuwait on restaurant walls, logo designs, and t-shirts craved by most! Mohammed has also been an active participant in yourAOK’s launch in Shift the Shift event, as well as Discovery Mall’s live Graffiti Show.

You can see more of Mohammed AbuHakmeh’s work here:

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