The Tata Aria in a suspicious background
The Tata Aria in a suspicious background.

And we're paying tribute to Tata (I can say it over and over) because today is India's Independence Day so let's take a look at this astonishing car maker which also owns many surprising assets as parent company Tata Group.

Based in Mumbai, India, Tata Motors Limited was founded in 1945 by Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata and even though now it's the 18th most largest car manufacturer, having a net worth of more than $12 billion makes it all less worrying. It made its first commercial car in 1954 then started distribution in the early 90s with the Indicta and Sierra but made its two biggest moves later on. Tata bought South Korean truck manufacturer Daewoo in 2004 and added to the collection with buying Jaguar Land Rover four year later.

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Here are some of the other Tata vehicles and as the 18th largest car manufacturer, they don't look so bad.

sumo gold

Sumo Gold

On Tata's official website, they described this car as 'The Ultimate Unstoppable Power' but with only a 3.0L CR4 engine (whatever CR stands for), I'm clueless to whereas the unstoppable power comes from.



And the name fits so well with the actual car. Looks like a Smart and a Fiat 500 mashed up together and according to the makers, it's 'India's most fuel efficient petrol car' and plus, it comes in orange!



If you have a fairly large family and are looking for a compact vehicle that fits all 5 or 6 of you, I wouldn't mind recommending the Indica. Fuel tank takes 37 liters, engine capacity is around 1400 CC and has a two cylinder engine. It's like riding your lawn mower.



This car may be the Arab region may consider buying once all the truck makers in the region close down. It comes in a 4×4 version with 'vacuum assisted independent hydraulic brakes'. Fascinating.



This next vehicle by Tata is actually award winning. I've never seen any two-door Italian supercar ever being awarded. Maybe they should've added 'stunning new body graphics' and 'new chrome lined door handles'.


The Tata Bus

We come to the famous Tata bus. We've all seen them around the Gulf region and we thank Tata for designing the bus as it is the most frightening piece of machinery we see on the road.

Happy Independence Day Tata and thank God for your website's writer because if it wasn't for their preposterous use of wording, the net worth would be a little less than $12 billion.

– Adnan Al-Timimi

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