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When the Porsche Panamera was unveiled to the world in Shanghai 4 years ago, no one expected an unattractive looking four-door supercar would be selling oh so well around the world with the largest market being the United States. Now Porsche have released a new Panamera which comes in 5 different models but one thing has been left the same to keep the Panamera true to itself and is somewhat a birthmark of the Panamera, it's exterior.

So let's talk about what they did change and that's not much to be honest. The exterior's tail lights have differed slightly, the only change I saw in the interior was the font on 7000 buttons everywhere but one thing that has changed which totally changed my mind about the Panamera was the engine because what Porsche has done was add horsepower and by adding horsepower, I mean it ever so literally.

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For the standard Panamera, you get a 310hp 3.6L V6 engine straight from Porsche and it keeps getting better from there because with the Panamera S, you get a 4.8L V8 engine that along with 400hp to match. If you can afford a little bit more on Porsche, I suggest you add a few more of your currency for a monstrous twin-turbo 3.0L engine and if that's not scaring your children at the back enough, there's the GTS with an astonishing 440 4.8L V8 and if that's not scaring yourself enough, the Turbo is perfect with 520hp.

So if you're a Porsche fan and expected a total facelift, sorry to disappoint but with the engine, you can turn that frown into a huge Mickey Mouse grin like the one I have on now.

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– Adnan Al-Timimi


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