Having quirky neon stationary with a local twist on hand is always a good idea. Hessa Ahmed is the creator of the fascinating stationary brand The Neon Gifts. The UAE designer transformed her ideas of creating exceptional stationary by launching her brand.  After traveling and collecting her ideas from all over the world, she created her own luxurious style with unique patterns and designs, it "merges simplicity with practicality; always containing bright and vivid colors with a touch of femininity."

The products that are sold include items like notebooks and envelopes that are designed with a colorful pattern, symbol or drawing. One item that I really loved was the "Eidiya Envelopes", an envelope customized with your choice of phrase. With Eid coming up, the envelopes are a creative way to hand out your Eidiya to the kids!

– Fajer Al Farsi

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