Lamborghini Gallardo
The 2003 'Gallardo'

When a Lamborghini is spotted on the road, you cannot help it but cast your eyes on pure Italian beauty. From the Miura, to the Diablo, to the stunning Aventador, we must all thank the brilliance of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Born in Italy in 1916, Lamborghini was an industrialist during World War II and also served in the Italian army and when the war scene quieted down, he worked on fixing cars, motorcycles, and other engines during that time. When he returned to his home town, he opened up a shop where he could do what would turn out to be a change in the world of automobiles.

There was even a meeting between Lamborghini's most celebrated rival, Enzo Ferrari. Owning a Ferrari himself, Lamborghini had an issue with his Ferrari 250 GT and went to Mr. Ferrari himself who just ignored Lamborghini, which prompted him to create his own V12 engines.

Lamborghini Veneno
The 2013 'Veneno'

In 1966, the Miura was born followed by the Countach which came in 5 face ripping models in 1974, the devious Diablo in 1990, the mighty Murciélago in 2001, the 300+ km/h Gallardo in 2003, the intimidating Lamborghini Reventón, which also comes in a roadster version with only 9 being made, followed by my personal favorite supercar of all, the evil Aventador, which reaches a staggering 349 km/h. There are the special Lamborghinis which you will probably never see on the road like the Sesto Elemento and the Egoista but who's to complain when you have a lineup of other Lamborghini's that ultimately rule the world of supercars?

After being sold from company to company until they finally stayed under Volkswagen, Lamborghini has many reasons to celebrate including their 50 year anniversary this year in Sant'agata, Italy which was a show to remember featuring limited edition Lamborghinis. Some rumored news for all you Lamborghini fanatics: Gallardo may soon have a successor, the Lamborghini Cabrera which may be revealed later this year.

Take a look below at the Lamborghinis that make you want to quit your job and start digging for gold.

The 1966 'Miura SV'
The 1974 'Countach'
The 1990 'Diablo'
The 'Aventador'
The 2011 'Aventador'
The 2013 Aventador LP720-4-50 Anniversary Edition

– Adnan Al-Timimi

Images: Lamborghini Lambo Cars

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