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A new Kuwaiti website,, has been launched recently with a new concept of delivering homemade food. With the wide spread of home businesses in Kuwait, it's been hard to track all the yummy treats that are offered in homes. Akil Baity is designed especially for home businesses to make it easier for them to stay connected with their customers.

The website has a variety of food to choose from with different categories that include cakes, mini cupcakes, cookies, assorted sweets, entrees and pastries. When ordering, customers have the option of picking up the food from the home business owner or having it delivered to their homes.

The way the order process works is as simple as going onto the website, creating an account, choosing the order you want and voilà! All the order details are available on the website, which include the price, dish description and whether the dish is sold by the kilo or dozen. What makes it much more convenient is that customers can place the orders 24/7 without having to directly contact the home kitchen. Akil Baity is a brilliant concept that makes ordering yummy homemade treats a lot easier and the online platform is a great way to support upcoming local projects.

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– Fajer Al-Farsi

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