Taking advantage of the Instagram retail market, FB Boutique is a brand new project created by Kuwaiti artist and photographer, Farah Bastaki.

After completing her studies in accounting in the US, Bastaki found that her true passion lied in the love she had for art. From there on out, Bastaki began to develop her skills and found a deep interest in digital art. Bastaki participated in several exhibitions for a whole year and gained enough feedback to allow her to take her creativity to the next level and launch FB Boutique.

FB Boutique includes a multitude of products such as canvases, pillows, furniture, mugs, accessories, and clothes both designed and produced by Bastaki herself. What differentiates FB Boutique from other online boutiques is that customers are free to customize products for purchase as they please.

Currently working on creating a website for the boutique, Bastaki hopes to include a greater variety of products to FB and aspires to open her own boutique one day.

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– Farah AlKandari



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