This Ramadan we've seen some really creative and comedic TV advertisements. From messed up facial hair to rapping on a boat, Ramadan commercials always seem to surprise us with the most random ideas. Here's a list of our favorite Ramadan commercials this month:

Fast Telco – O Yamal

Fast Telco have always won the award of our favorite ads every Ramadan. This one is no different.


International Clinic – راحو الطيبين

We all love an advertisement set in the old days but this one has a comedic touch to it which we think is hilarious!


VIVA – تحدى المستحيل

Featuring legends of Kuwaiti football, this commercial is about facing challenges, breaking through barriers, and reaching the top.


Rauch – يبيله شنب

This is a favorite in the office. It's a first from Rauch and we hope there will be many more to come.


National Bank of Kuwait – قصة التاجر الكويتي

NBK have always made memorable commercials about the past and this one tops the list.


Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait

Ramadan is the holy month where one should help others and this is the perfect example of how.


Commercial Bank of Kuwait

More with giving and help the society, CBK have made it clear that to help your society, you must help each other.


Ahli United Bank

We seem to never get enough of commercials set in the days of our parents and grandparents. A little father and son moments make it all worth it.


Salhiyah Clinic

We never thought a commercial about a clinic would be so popular among viewers and be so funny. You won't regret watching this video.


Al-Maidan Clinic

Bank robbery, running through crowds, and stopping a bullet. Watch, watch, watch.

– Adnan Al-Timimi

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