Hair loss is a very common complaint for women in the UAE.  We find that the water often doesn’t suit our hair and leads to hair damage.  However, with H2O Pure Blue Shower Purifier, we definitely see a difference.

The water filter is easily attached to the shower tap and ready to be used. It removes all types of sand, rust, dirt and other particles in the water.  The three-part process within the filter starts by removing any particles including sand, rust, and dirt.  Next 98% of Chlorine and other metals that are harmful are also cleaned out.  Finally the water is given one last rinse before it is released through the tap.  Each cartridge lasts up to 6 months.

Over time with regular use hair will feel stronger, softer and thicker. This is definitely a beauty secret that is well worth investing in.

Image: H2O Pure Blue Shower Purifier

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