The season of travel is upon us and after all those long, frustrating hours at the office, you can finally relax on the beaches of Honolulu, visit remarkable Tokyo or historical St. Petersburg. There are countless cities to visit this summer so we've put a list of our top 10 summer destinations for you to choose from. Some of them are your typical destinations, while others are not so usual locations that one would automatically think of – but we think they're ideal for the ultimate pleasure (and leisure) with your friends and family.

Here's our list of top 10 summer destinations:


Nice, France

Nice is all about blue waters, harbors, and enjoying fine French cuisine from the Mediterranean sea. The Place Rossetti is the place for tourists to visit because of the traditional shops, cafes, and all that is French.

kyoto 2

Kyoto, Japan

Ever wanted to be a samurai? Kyoto is the most magical city on this list because of its rich culture, beautiful temples, and traditional Japanese cuisine (not the fake food here). Kyoto is all about heritage so when visiting, you will see beautiful cherry blossom trees, gardens, and the famous Kiyomizu-dera.


Honolulu, Hawaii

You've probably seen images and scenes of Hawaii from movies but you haven't seen it until you've 'seen' it. Tropical islands, piña coladas, and the hula (the famous Hawaiian dance we all know). The world's best surfing goes on at Sunset Beach so why not give it a shot?

phi phi

Phuket, Thailand

Forget Bangkok, you've been there many times. Phuket is where you should be in Thailand. Phuket's beauty is almost incomparable with all the other islands. There's no use in telling you – start researching, book your ticket, and enjoy your stay.


Glasgow, Scotland

The land of Victorian buildings, friendly people, and pipe bands, Glasgow is the perfect destination for getting your dose of history with its amazing museums, old buildings, and their famous art galleries.

south africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Gorgeous in the summer and even better in the winter, Cape Town has a beautiful sense of serenity to it which makes it one of my personal favorites on the list. The locals? Friendly. The food? Divine. There's so much to see in Cape Town so have it on your list.


Capri, Italy

Capri is usually a favorite of the rich & famous but you don't need millions to enjoy a perfect getaway in Italy. Sitting on the enchanting Mediterranean, Capri is just south of Naples and this beautiful island has it all. Posh hotels, great food, and the most amazing beaches you'll ever see.


St. Petersburg, Russia

You'd probably think St. Petersburg is only about boring historical stories and buildings that were destroyed in past wars but it's not. It's home to spectacular gardens (which is a favorite amongst tourists), the famous Mikhailovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre, and art museums which have rare historical artwork.


Kingston, Jamaica

Beautiful landscapes, clear blue waters, and music that will get you dancing until the early hours, Kingston, Jamaica is a stunning city with rivers, waterfalls, exotic plants and reggae music. The late, great Bob Marley once said, "I see you're having fun, dancin' to the reggae rhythm, oh, island in the sun".


Bali, Indonesia

Mother nature has truly done her best work in Bali. The Indonesian island has tourists coming back for more every season. Witness striking oceans, rainforests, and enjoy fine Asian cuisine. There are also sacred temples which tourists can visit as well as their famous beaches where one can enjoy pure tranquility.

– Adnan Al-Timimi

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