Adnan (1)I can’t believe that I, Man Outnumbered, have been alive for 25 weeks which is equivalent to:

  1. Almost half a year
  2. A lady who has been pregnant for 6 months
  3. More than twice as long as Kim Kardashian's marriage with Kris Humphries

For 25 weeks, I've been sharing funny stories, experiences, and pure randomness and hopefully I'll still be alive for the 50th anniversary. By then, we may have the technology to log online using our eyes only with all the technological innovations but whatever happens, je serai là pour vous tous.

Good morning my tic-tacs and let's get this celebration started with some more random stories like the fact that I'm super tanned (burned actually) but with all the compliments I received during the week, it was a good experience. Looking like an Oscar award isn't so bad.

F2 is back so that means talks about Ashton Kutcher and DAILY obsessive cleaning and organizing. But that also means a clean and pleasant smelling office. We have missed you F2 and are still waiting on our gifts so anytime now will be good…

Currently, we have three interns at the office and many, many observations between the team but so far, there has been no yelling, screaming, fighting, biting, so we're all good. There is a downside to this all, I'm even more outnumbered now, but I can't complain (because if I did, I'll be attacked with lipstick, hairbrushes, and F2's sanitizers)

When we have new interns, the special ones who keep in touch and make special visits even after leaving usually become part of the Khaleejesque family. We had a really exceptional family of interns and team members last year when I started working here and honestly, I don't think we'll have a more close family than that one but I could be proven wrong, who knows.

We all like surprise visits from old friends and this week, we got a special visit from someone who was an intern at Khaleejesque a year ago. Let's call her Happy. Happy is a young, exuberant individual who always has something to say. Her stories about her days abroad never get old and being a part of the team last year, she was quite the entertainer with all her jokes. With her being back in the country, we're expecting random visits from Happy but hopefully they don't happen often. We're running out of space and chairs.

There always has to be a negative point during the week and this week, it's all about the burnt coffee from downstairs. No wait, scratch that. It's burnt dirt, it's not even coffee. Although we haven't really complained to them, do the staff not smell that the coffee smells so bad like burnt plastic? We'll probably be changing coffee houses next week and hopefully we don't feel like we've smoked a pack of cigarettes after having the coffee.

The new issue is being printed as we speak. There's a special aspect to it that I can literally relate to but I'll leave that for you guys to find out – but I really can't wait for this one, the Travel issue has it all.

Ramadan is soon which means different work hours, messed up sleeping patterns, not even showing up to the office and many other things. The good thing about Ramadan is that we won't be having any burnt coffee but seeing images of food on everyone's Instagram will be annoying. I see Ramadan as a time to relax, spend more time with family, and also lose weight, so hopefully I can do that.

See you next week my tic-tac's and have a great, non-dusty weekend!

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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