Aljoud Lootah for Level Shoe District

Level Shoe District, the Dubai Mall's renowned shoe concept store, has partnered with Emirati multi-disciplinary designer Aljoud Lootah, founder and designer of Niftee, to create a new and exclusive design for the store exclusively for the holy month of Ramadan.

Aljoud Lootah, XVA Gallery, Bastakiya, Harpers Bazaar Interior,  Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 16, 2013 (Photo by Isidora Bojovic/ITP Images)
Aljoud Lootah, XVA Gallery, Bastakiya, Harpers Bazaar Interior, Dubai, UAE (Photo by Isidora Bojovic/ITP Images)

The designer, inspired by the constellation, created a contemporary Arabesque pattern that will be printed onto 500 limited edition canvas tote bags, which will available for purchase at Level Shoe District throughout Ramadan.

Lootah incorporated a color palette of black, white, and gold for the bags. The pattern will also be incorporated throughout the store as the theme of the month. It will be implemented onto the walls, furniture, windows, and some specially commissioned lanterns and tables.

"Stars create tessellation patterns which reflect the complexity of constellation," said Lootah adding, "Our ancestors used to be guided by the stars; they travelled, walked, discovered and lived according to them – their steps paved the way for us and made a difference in our lives. They left a mark by being guided by the stars, and I hope shoppers at Level Shoe District will do the same by investing in the constellation bag and supporting a notable charity."

Emirati writer Sumayya Saqr Khalid, worked alongside Lootah to create a Ramadan slogan for the store, “Let your steps have an impact and leave a mark”. The slogan will be printed on the bags and will also be seen throughout the store alongside Lootah's patterns.

The store will also be creating a temporary contemporary "majlis" within its 96,000 sq. ft area, where modern Arabic music will be played in the evenings – a fitting theme for a cultural and Islamic month.

The bags are priced at AED 160 each and will be available throughout the holy month of Ramadan. All proceeds from the sale of the bags will go towards a local charity.

Level Shoe District is located in The Dubai Mall (Ground Floor), Dubai, UAE.

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