We all have times when our homes, offices, and store rooms become messier than a child's playroom. Then you have to go through all the trouble of tidying, organizing, and making everything look nice and neat – only to have it messed up all over again. But what if there was a service that could do all that for you? One that tidies your workspace, your home, or any other messy area, and creates an organized system out of it? Thankfully, there is.

NEAT is a full service organizing company that meets the needs of your lifestyle. Their services include clearing clutter, sorting through and storing your treasures, and then creating a system to keep your place organized. They find solutions to things that are not working for you by learning about your organizational style.

NEAT focuses on closets, storage space, and offices, organizing and de-cluttering the place, ultimately saving you time and money in the long run.


So who are the people behind NEAT? Two girls obsessed with order and organization. They've been known to organize their friends places, categorizing items, labeling them, and creating a functional space out of them. They enjoy turning unorganized areas into aesthetically pleasing ones.

When we chatted with the duo behind the brand, we wanted to know why most people constantly have to deal with clutter. What exactly is it and why are we holding on to it?

Clutter is a form of compulsive hoarding. Often it comes in the form of emotional attachment to objects that have significance. They might remind us of a loved one, or a vacation, or a special event like a birthday, graduation, etc. Old school books and notes remind us of when we were in school. It’s a way of living in the present but holding on to the past.

NEAT's clients usually say that after removing unwanted stuff, and adjusting to less clothing, they felt they had more to wear, because everything currently in their closet is something that they would actually wear. The same concept applies to furniture and other home items stored in people's garages and store rooms.

Organizing is just as important as de-cluttering and it’s the next step after you’ve gotten rid of your extra clutter. It is important to place all related items in the same category, store them in (preferably clear) boxes and label them so you know where everything is.


NEAT's top tips to de-clutter and organize:

  • Get rid of items that you're not wearing anymore (like those baggy yoga pants)
  • Make it a habit to give away an old or unworn item whenever you buy a new item
  • Donate all unused electronic gadgets
  • Store similar items together
  • Categorization is very important when getting organized. Keep all bill paying supplies in one place
  • Let go, organize your life, and live in the present

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– Adnan Al-Timimi

Featured Image: Fleur Suitjen. Project images courtesy of NEAT

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