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There is no doubt that we've all heard of political revolutions – they seem to be the topic du jour these days, but it's only very recently that we came across a certain food revolution.

Founded by renowned British chef Jamie Oliver, the Food Revolution is a global movement that puts the spotlight on the importance of natural food and educates people on the essentials of cooking, inspiring people to cook fresh food for themselves and their families in the comforts of their home.

Although the Food Revolution is an ongoing event that's meant to be a lifestyle change, an annual event titled "Food Revolution Day" takes place every 18th of May to promote the movement.

The main mission of Food Revolution Day is to promote the basics of good cooking, by getting individuals and communities to basically learn to cook and eat fresh local produce, and empower themselves with as much knowledge about food as possible.

Food Revolution Day, now in its second year, takes place all over the world, with ambassadors and volunteers in more than 62 countries promoting it. Volunteer Food Revolution ambassadors and healthy living advocates from all over the world organize events in their communities to allow people to take part in this educational movement. Individuals, schools, organizations, restaurants and other businesses also take part in this annual event, raising awareness about the importance of good food.

Food Revolution Kuwait

In Kuwait, this year's Food Revolution Day took place on Saturday 18th May from 4:30 – 6:30 PM at the Live Theatre at Discovery Mall. Kuwait's advocates of healthy living spoke at the theatre to discuss real food, organic living, gardening, and healthy cooking. The event was also open to children who got to experience fun food related activities.

Food Revolution ambassador Juna Alawadhi, a health coach and registered practitioner at the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, has been a strong advocate of the initiative from the start. For the past year, she's been visiting schools and universities, speaking about real food and its importance. "We aim to change the way Kuwait eats, one family at a time," said Alawadhi, who co-runs the Food Revolution Kuwait initiative.

Dr. Nada Alragum, also a strong supporter of the initiative who has spoken in a number of lectures across the country said, "From my experience in family medicine I noticed that most illnesses that are common in Kuwait are reversible or can be prevented by changing the way we eat. We are responsible for the health of the future generations and we should help them lead a healthier life."

Also joining the list of speakers, from her house in London, was Kuwaiti organic movement activist, and founder of local children's book series We Love Kuwait, Jumana Alawadhi who said, "Kuwait is ready now for a real food revolution. Kids deserve better food at schools, and we should all support each other to choose real food over processed food."

Among the speakers was Taiba Al Humaidhi, an organic food activist and mother of three boys, who spoke about balancing motherhood, work, and healthy living.

In his lecture, gardening and environmental expert Hamad Al Kulaib said, "Growing your own food has never been easier. It has evolved just as fast as computers, all with the goal of producing your own food with minimal time and great results."

Nutritionist Dana Al Salem, founder of the popular Instagram account Food Scientist, said, "Unfortunately, the majority of people who used to eat fast and low quality food, when they realized that their health was at risk, started controlling the calories of their food, not the quality!"

To include all ages in the educative event, children were invited to participate in a workshop hosted by the Once Upon a Time Club with activities that included learning, coloring, and eating. The children took home with them a "real food" meal and a coloring book that educates them about healthy eating habits.

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Food Revolution Kuwait

Food Revolution Kuwait

Food Revolution Kuwait

Food Revolution Kuwait

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