Remember when our grandparents, teachers, or random "older" persons wanted to read something and they'd grab their reading glasses that were hanging by a thin gold chain from their necks? Remember how un-cool those chains were? Well they're not anymore.

We were recently introduced to a new local accessories label named Ocho that specializes in creating vintage-looking eyeglass chains with a fierce edge. "The brand is all about reintroducing an oldie-moldie in a new way," said the people behind Ocho.

Friends Fatema and Yussra started the business a little more than a month ago, displaying and selling the chains on Instagram. To their surprise, their Instagram account gained more than 1,000 followers in their first week of business alone, proving to the girls that the chains were truly in demand.

"We tend to associate boring eyeglass chains with our grandmothers and librarians back in our school days. We wanted to change that and give those boring eyeglass chains a completely new look. We thought it would be really cool if we played around with the whole idea, making eyeglass chains the new statement accessory for everyone," said the duo.

What makes them desired by a generation that would have completely dismissed the idea a few years ago is that in the end, these items are practical. There's a reason why the older generation used them. They served a function, but lacked style. When it comes to Ocho, the girls believe "there's a practical-chic value" to the chains they create, which is why as of today, their Instagram account has doubled to 2000+ followers.

This brings to mind the old addage  (or cliche for that matter): "never say never." Who would have thought that the tech generation would start wearing chains on their glasses. Not us that's for sure – but we're willing to try!

To see more of Ocho's designs visit www.instagram.com/ocho_design

– Alya Al-Othman



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