"Kick Up Your Heels" is the latest workout craze that is spreading throughout gyms faster than you can imagine. Best of all, you can easily experience the workout yourself from the comfort of your own home courtesy of TV network Fashion One.

Fashion One has created a six-episode workout series called "Kick Up Your Heels" that includes three major workouts: Kick Boxing, Street Dance and Zumba. The catch here is that all of these workouts are to be performed while wearing high heels.

Each episode features an experienced instructor who shows viewers a choreographed routine along with step-by-step  instructions on how to do these workouts.

The Kick Boxing workout is guided by runway model Taylor Beck, the Street Dance routine is introduced by professional dancer and choreographer Jacinta Landon, and the Zumba workout is instructed by dancer and film choreographer Samantha Schnitzler (with dance moves that include a bit of Salsa and Merengue).

The routines promise more definition in the leg and thigh areas due to the heels elevating and stretching the muscles. Of course, all routines can be followed using regular sport shoes as well. But we all know that everything looks better with heels!

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– Fajer Al Farsi

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