Sirdab 6 designer Souad J. Al Sabah

Last week, on Wednesday 8th of May, 2013, designer Souad Al-Sabah launched her fashion label Sirdab 6's new Ramadan 2013 collection at the Sadu House in Kuwait.

Sirdab 6 is one of the most coveted Kuwaiti brands known for fabulous caftans (dara’as) using the most unique materials sourced from all over the globe.

The designer herself, known to churn out only one main collection a year, has never produced a collection similar to a previous one. Al-Sabah's attention to detail and stunning craftsmanship along with her vibrant personality flourished into creating unique signature pieces.

Souad Al-Sabah launched her first collection in 2002, and for 11 years she has been creating remarkable collections year after year, merging tradition and modern fashion together, using high quality fabrics, and playing with colors and designs. Her label is named after her workshop and atelier which was located in a basement in a house with the number 6.

Always one to shy away from the spotlight Al-Sabah won the award for Designer of the Year, at the Kuwait Arab Women Awards 2013 this year, putting her inevitably in the spotlight where she undoubtedly belongs.

With Ramadan almost two months away, and with ladies doing their caftan and dara’a shopping, it's no wonder that people flocked to Sirdab 6's exhibition at Sadu House.

Check out the photos below.

For more information about Sirdab 6 visit can also follow Sirdab 6 on Instagram at

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Sirdab 6 designer Souad J.A Al-Sabah wearing her own design
Dalal Al Saeed in Sirdab 6 Ramadan 2013 Collection
Dalal Al Saeed in Sirdab 6 Ramadan 2013 Collection
Cleone Wijeratne wearing Sirdab 6
A dara'a from Sirdab 6 Ramadan 2013 Collection
Sirdab 6 Ramadan 2013 Collection
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