Hyundai are known to have luxury car designs similar to those of Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, and Maybach. Making presidential sedans and luxury vehicles that would make anyone sitting in the back look like a diplomat has recently been Hyundai's focus. The South Korean carmaker also has the Genesis, which served as one of the most sold luxury sedans in the region. This time they've collaborated with a certain luxury brand to re-design the Hyundai Equus and what classier brand to team up with than French luxury label, Hermès.

Presented at the 2013 Motor Show in Seoul, the Hyundai Equus dazzled on the stages of the exhibit. It received a strong reaction by the visitors and Hyundai were more than pleased after seeing its past work with Prada fail miserably after selling less than half of its target.

Hermès has teamed up with Bugatti and Smart in the past to work on automobile projects but this Equus by Hermès looks gorgeous inside and out! The interior and trimming has Hermès signature designs and orange color and 'spectacular' doesn't even describe how beautiful it looks on the outside which gives it such a prestigious look. Plus, it's quite cheaper than the other luxury sedans out there like the Aston Martin Rapide or the Porsche Panamera.

Even though Hyundai hasn't set a production date or announced the number of Equus' going on the market, the car is surely to have an impact worldwide. Check out more images below.

– Adnan Al Timimi






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