If you have a chance of winning the jackpot, you might what to invest your winnings on the Odeon Tower in Monaco.. But again, it depends. Is the jackpot close to a quarter billion dollars?

Started in 2009 and still under construction (not due for opening until next year) the Odeon Tower is an incredible 49-storey double skyscraper featuring 70 luxury apartments, 2 duplexes which are 13,000 square feet, and to top it off, a 35,500 square foot penthouse with luxuries that one can only dream of.

Residents can indulge themselves in the beautiful sceneries, private spa suites, and other state-of-the-art extravagance such as 24/7 concierge service, as well as elegant balconies to enjoy the beauty of the South of France in depth. Each apartment has a different feel and gives you an unparalleled lavish experience, so you might want to think twice about saving up for your children's education.

The price tag? With a value of $7,700 per square foot, the grand total of the Odeon Tower of Monaco rings up to more than USD 250,000,000!

Check out more images (and a video) of the fantastic estate and, better yet, get your cheque books out!

– Adnan Al-Timimi







Images: homes.yahoo.com

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