Ministry of Commerce

The Ministry of Commerce in Kuwait has created their very own application where users can update themselves with news about the economy, the market and any other inquiries they may have. If you have any complaints, you can also submit them through the application itself.

Ministry of Commerce is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad  and Android devices.



We will never get enough of Instagram-esque apps but this one should surely be one to download. InstaMag is an app where you can choose from a variety of layouts and designs just like a magazine and all you do is add your 'selfies' or photos from your summer vacation and voila!

Instamag is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad  and Android devices.

FX Photo Studio

FX Photo Studio

FX Photo Studio is a must-have app! There are almost 200 effects and filters that you can apply to your photos and instantly share them with your favorite social media apps. This app is so easy to use that, personally, it's my favorite photo-editing app in the App Store.

FX Photo Studio is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

Twitter Music

Twitter #music

Need to update your music playlist? Bored of the same songs coming up during shuffle? Twitter #music app is the perfect way to find the newest music and upcoming artists just by #music. New music, new taste, bigger variety!

Twitter #Music app is available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices.

– Khalil Al Hamar

Khalil Al Hamar is the CEO and Founder of Edges Media. Edges Media offers clients multiple multimedia services including graphic design, web development, app development, social media, and e-marketing.

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