During the week, we at the office fall upon many random yet hilarious and fascinating YouTube videos. From the newest music hits to talking dogs, YouTube never ceases to amaze us. We thought we'd share with you all the entertaining clips we found this week and feel free to tell us which ones amused you the most!

Harlem Shake at Ski Dubai

We all thought the 'Harlem Shake' trend was over but we were mistaken. It's now being used as a way of advertisement! Creative or absolutely overrated?

Laughter Machine by Coca-Cola in the UAE

This has to be one of the most innovative inventions ever! I still think there's a person inside the machine giving out Coke cans, but who knows?

Dog Wants a Kitty

Don't believe in talking dogs? Well, you better now!

PSY – Gentleman

Ladies and gentlemen, the South Korean sensation is back! After only 2 days, his new hit, 'Gentleman' has received more than 50,000,000 hits! Will it surpass 'Gangnam Style'?

Best skills of Ronaldinho in Flipbook

Flipbooks and cartoons have always complemented each other well. This artist has truly created a sublime piece of art featuring Brazilian football star, Ronaldinho.

How Animals Eat Their Food

Our favorite of the pile. When we saw this video, we couldn't stop laughing and tearing up! The video is way more amusing than the title.

Screen Grab

A video for cat lovers. Does this happen with you too?

Subway Violinists – I Knew You Were Trouble

Taylor Swift's hit has unfortunately hit the office hard! These two violinists sure make it sound way cooler than it is.

The Beginning Of The Universe – For Beginners

Most of us were always bored at your high school physics class. Honestly, why would it matter how many stars and upcoming planets but the way 'TEDEducation' puts it makes it really interesting to learn.

My Dubstep Kitchen

Dubstep can get really irritating when played repeatedly on the radio but using kitchen utensils to create a beat is something you'd want to try at home.

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