Established in October 2012,, the first Arabic pinboard image-sharing community. Inspired by the success of Pinterest, the largest pinboard community online, the team behind Moodhish identified the potential for an image curation site that targets the Arab-speaking world.

Identifying that there is a lack of Arabic image curation sites, even though statistics show that the Arabic language is one of the fastest growing languages on the Internet, as well as with the realization that the Middle East is home to a thriving and rapidly growing online world thanks in part to the increased penetration of broadband Internet services in the region, the Moodhish team set out to create one on their own.

"The number of Facebook users in the Arab world grew 50 percent year-on-year to 45.2 million at the end of June 2012, while the number of Twitter users has risen to 2 million. These growth trends are expected to continue moving forward as a large young population continues to seek Arabic content online," explained a spokesperson for Moodhish.

The Moodhish team is made up of a group of friends who studied computer science in university and work in investment banking in Dubai. With a strong interest in facilitating free flow of information and ideas across the online Arabic community, the group decided it was time to venture into the online world with Moodhish, which started as a weekend hobby.

Moodhish has since grown to include tens of thousands of users from countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya and Morocco. The team is currently working on a number of projects to develop in the Middle East of which Moodhish is the first.

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Moodhish: the Arab world's first pin-board image-sharing community.

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