As part of its ongoing community projects aimed at highlighting local entrepreneurs and supporting the local Kuwaiti art scene, Bayt Lothan is proud to sponsor "KREATE," a celebration of local Kuwaiti creativity. The event, which will showcase different areas of creativity and talent from Kuwaiti youth, will be held at Bayt Lothan from April 2nd to the 4th, 2013.

KREATE is a multidisciplinary exhibition, with different talents from various artistic fields, from graphic design to handmade architectural handbags, and from artisan jewelry to photography. Some of the participants that will be showcasing their work include Experiment 1, Kookee JeeJoh, The Doghouse Collective, Faisal Fouzan, Sadeq AlMussawi, Muneera Al-Rumaihi, Mohammed Al-Muhanna, Muneera Alsharhan, and Sherry Corner.

The event will consist of various artistic installations, displays of  different artworks, and a sneak peek into the underground Kuwaiti creative scene with the main aim of supporting and further promoting these creatives' work to a bigger audience.

We're loving the concept behind KREATE, and will be representing Khaleejesque at this pro-creativity event; it's about time someone starting supporting young Kuwaiti creatives. Bravo, Bayt Lothan!


Art by Muneera Alrumaihi
Photography by Faisal Al-Fouzan


KREATE will take place on Tuesday 2nd April at 8:00PM and will continue on the 3rd and 4th of April from 3:00PM – 10:00PM at Bayt Lothan, Arabian Gulf Road, Salmiya, Kuwait.

For more information check out the Bayt Lothan's Instagram @baytlothan

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